Conceptual Furniture

For many decades (through to the 1960’s) rigid upright seating, often fixed to the desk itself, was part of the accepted environment of a good, disciplined education. “Sitting still” and “sitting up straight” were foundational to the mental models shared by teachers, parents and educational authorities when recognising a “good” classroom.

Many of the systems that “support” our modern ways of working and thinking are just as stilted. We are dis-abled by our own self-imposed models of what is good. If we could see the conceptual “furniture” that we use, we might well be horrified.

We have optimised for, rewarded, trained in and been attuned to certain (limited) ways of working.

We need free ourselves from the limited conceptual models that we have inherited. We need a new frame for working.

Installing in teams the ability to recognise, diagnose and design these ways of working is our unique expertise.