How to See

When we made things in the factories of the industrial revolution, we could see the work as it progressed across the shop floor.

But we now live in a knowledge economy, where we create new meaning, new knowledge and new value with our heads rather than our hands, and don’t have the same ability to “see” our work.

But what is knowledge work?

Knowledge work is not done inside our heads, in isolation. It is done via interactions: through verbal, non-verbal, symbolic and written material. And all of these interactions are grounded in our language: in conversation.

Conversations are the basis for all business: nothing gets made without being made in conversation first. In fact, organisations are made entirely of conversations.

It follows then that being good at conversation is the most valuable thing a business can invest in and being bad at conversation is the most expensive thing a business can do.

But if knowledge work is conversation, then why do we fail or succeed? And how do we get to be good at conversation? And how do we avoid bad ones? How can we “see” like we did in the factories of the industrial era?

That’s what we’re specialists in. Helping people to see and navigate large and complex conversations in the knowledge economy.