Shifting ‘bricks’

An old carpenter’s proverb: “It’s harder to shift the bricks than to shift the thinking”.

When we’re talking about bricks, this is absolutely true. But in the knowledge economy – where everything looks like thinking work – how do we know if we’re shifting the ‘thinking’ and not the ‘bricks’?

When it all looks and feels like thinking:

    • How do we distinguish between the different types of thinking work: between ‘thinking’ work versus ‘brick’ work?
    • How do we make sure that we shift the right bit of our thinking before we shift the metaphorical bricks?
    • How do we do good thinking when we can’t see the ‘bricks’?

To succeed when everything looks like thinking work, we need a way of “seeing”: so that we can know what the ‘bricks’ are, and so that we can know what thinking we actually need to shift.